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Crystal Healing

My name is David. I work with crystals and energy.

Crystal Healing is a spiritual healing process using very specific crystals to alter or draw out imbalanced or incorrect vibrational energy from various parts of the body to enable healing of the etheric body or spirit to take place.

During a session, I uses crystals of specific types and colours to modify vibrations with the auric body, in order to aid and correct issues, energy blockages and imbalances, and enable the body to heal itself.

The crystals I use enhance, push and channel energy to you by placing specific crystals on specific parts of your body that require chakra balancing and alignment. I can then use these crystals to siphon negative energies out of you if required.

  1. Crystals heal through intention and meditation of both the practitioner and receiver, and overall, it is a very calm, relaxing and tranquil process.
  2. Attunement to your feelings is done through using special crystals called Melody Stones, which help me to sense where problems lie in the receiver.
  3. I should point out that this is not a medical process, and is unrecognised in the field of medicine.
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