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Orgone Energy Healing

I perform a direct form of energy work and my own modality of healing. I can only describe it as being of Orgone Energy that I work with, as first defined by "Wilheim Reich".

I will first just point out, that Orgone Energy healing is NOT a form of REIKI. When I am working with Orgone energy, I am NOT channeling energy from the Universe as you would be with Reiki, I am GENERATING the orgone energy DIRECTLY in my body through intention, and it requires physical effort on my part to channel and move it.

When I am performing a Orgone healing, it can usually be felt by the receiver and feelings described vary from sensations such as tingling, a wind blowing, warmth or cold (even burning, pins and needles and many describe heavy pushing sensation on the skin as if im pressing on it. None of these are painful but some have said the experience was unpleasant but of incredible effect afterwards.

I do use specific crystals during a Orgone healing to enhance / channel energy transference, and meditation by both parties also enhances the session and effectiveness.

  1. Orgone Energy healing is a direct, energy based healing and is currently aimed at fixing physical problems.
  2. Crystals are used to enhance the energy transference.
  3. I have to have to have the person present to do Orgone Healing. I cannot perform any form of distance healing with this as its entirely direct energy based.
  4. This is not a medical process, and is unrecognised in the field of medicine and science at present.
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