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Light Melody

"A Melody is said to result where there are interacting patterns of changing events occurring in time. We are trying to produce a harmony of light."

Using LIGHT and ENERGY to remove Negative energies from people is where Crystal Healing and Psychic Counselling heals. Your spirit and every thought you have is energy, and that is very hard to even attempt to touch this using modern medicinal methods. Often the etheric body and spirit need assistance, and this is where Crystal Healing and psychic counseling can meet the needs of the Spirit above the needs of the physical body.

Where physical healing is used, David does his own modality of Orgone Energy Healing which is a direct energy healing which has very positive results and startling on people that have been subject to it. It often is beneficial for muscular pain in bad backs for example and is a good avenue to try where the medical world has tried and given up.

All that is done by us in a healing capacity is done with the best intention and motives.

Love and Light to you all.

Mar 2015 Based in Scotland, UK

I have moved to the highlands of Scotland, and am waiting to help heal you in a very deep, and individual way.

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